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KAL 20203-ZZ

KAL 20203-ZZ

Mounting sizes acc. to DIN ISO 12240-4 dimension series K

Inner ring:

  • Antifriction bearing steel, hardened, raceway precision ground.


  • Made of case hardening steel, raceway hardened and precision ground.

Rolling element:

  • Barrel roller bearings made from through-hardened, antrifriction bearing steel.

Sealing washer:

  • Synthetic rubber-metal compound.


  • The rod ends are given initail lubrication.


  • With these rod ends, it is important to ensure that the tilt angle specified in the table it not exceeded, either while mounting or during operation, otherwise the sealing washers may be damaged.

Max. permissible speed:

  • This is affected by the bearing load, the bearing clearance, the lubricant and heat output and input. The maximum permissible speed given in the tables applies for apurely radial load, normal bearing clearance tolerance, no external heat, an operating temperature which is not above the limit, and a low and absolutely shock-free load.

Special versions: available on request

SKU KAL 20203-ZZ
B 21 mm
b3 18 mm
C1 15 mm
d 16 mm
d1 19.3 mm
d2 Max. 43 mm
d3 M16LH
e1 35 mm
h 66 mm
Hand Thread Left
l1 37 mm
l2 87.5 mm
Limiting Speed 650 min-1
Load Ratings Bearing Dyn C 13.3 kN
Load Ratings Bearing Stat CO 9 kN
Load Ratings Housing Stat CO 28 kN
Required Maintenance Low Maintenance
Thread Male
Tilt - Angle 7 ?
Weight (0-Storke) 0.17 kg
: *
: *
: *
KA 12-400
HRD 14T FU-105/1,50
SD 6-50
HRD 7 FU-120/15
RA 9 S
KAL 20
KI 20