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KA 8-401

KA 8-401

Racing version

special version

Inner ring:

  • Antifriction bearing steel, hardened, ground and polished. Sliding face hard chromium plated.

Outer ring:

  • Outer ring of spherical bearing made of stainless steel. Swaged around the inner ring. Lubricant is distributed via the lubricating groove in the outer ring.


  • Tempering steel (tempered), housing crack-tested, all sizes galvanized and chromatised. The spherical bearing is pressed into the housing and caulked at both sides.

Lubrication nipple:

  • Lubrication nipple DIN 3505, shape D, further lubricating nipple shapes on request

Bearing clearance:

  • Reduced bearing clearance

Special versions: available on request

SKU KA 8-401
B 12 mm
C1 9 mm
d 8 mm
d1 10.3 mm
d2 Max. 25 mm
d3 M8x1
dk 15.8 mm
h 42 mm
Hand Thread Right
l1 Min. 25 mm
l2 54.5 mm
Load Ratings Stat Co 10 kN
Mating Materials Steel on steel
Required Maintenance Requires Maintenance
Thread Fine
Tilt - Angle 13 ?
Weight (0-Storke) 0.032 kg
: *
: *
: *
KI 16-DM16x1,5
KAL 14-402
SE 24-50
HRD 65
KAL 18-D