PFAFF Beta Electric Winches

PFAFF Beta Electric Winches

Profit from a box of ideas for the lifting, lowering and pulling of loads for your individual application. Pfaffsilberblau electric wire rope winches stand out for their first-class quality combined with reliable and durable drive motors. The gearwheels of the maintenance-free spur gear run in a oil-bath. The spiral gearing of the gear wheel guarantees very smooth running. The strong three-phase motors allows running with flexible supply voltage from 380 up to 420 V/50 Hz. or 440 up to 460 V/60 Hz. - motor protection class IP 54.

Safe winch operation is ensured by a separated contactor control (42 V/50 Hz.) with integrated "UpDown/Emergency Stop" buttons as well as the master switch. Winches with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg have electronic overload protection as standard. Pfaffsilberblau electric wire rope winches PROLINE have been developed for high-quality applications within industry, mechanical engineering as well as materials processing and are designed for a theoretic service-life of 400 (1Bm), 800 (1Am) up to 1600 (2m) operating hours when fully loaded. All winches can be operated within temperature ranges of -20°C up to 40°C without special oil filling. Our wire winches are equipped with grooved drums with each one wire fastening at the flanged wheels. If requested we can deliver drums with special grooves and several wires. For special applications you will surely find appropriate accessories for your professional winch!

Beta Electric Winches Standard - 3 Phase

Reference Number Model Capacity Speed
031148002 BG1 0.1t 5.8m/min
031148009 BG1 0.125t 9.5m/min
031148021 BG1 0.125t 21.1m/min
031148033 BG1 0.125t 30.1m/min
031148029 BG1 0.2t 27.5m/min
031148006 BG1 0.25t 5.6m/min
031148012 BG1 0.25t 9.5m/min
031148024 BG1 0.25t 21.1m/min
031148007 BG1 0.32t 5.6m/min
031148211 BG2 0.32t 12.3m/min
031148226 BG2 0.32t 27.3m/min
031148202 BG2 0.4t 4.6m/min
031148203 BG2 0.5t 4.6m/min
031148208 BG2 0.5t 10.2m/min
031148213 BG2 0.5t 12.4m/min
031148218 BG2 0.5t 19.9m/min
031148228 BG2 0.5t 27.7m/min
031148209 BG2 0.63t 10.2m/min
031148205 BG2 0.8t 4.7m/min
031148210 BG2 0.8t 10.2m/min
031148401 BG3 0.8t 5.2m/min
031148407 BG3 0.8t 17.1m/min
031148413 BG3 0.8t 27.9m/min
031148402 BG3 1.0t 5.2m/min
031148405 BG3 1.0t 11.2m/min
031148408 BG3 1.0t 17.1m/min
031148414 BG3 1.0t 27.9m/min
031148403 BG3 1.25t 5.2m/min
031148601 BG4 1.6t 7.4m/min
031148609 BG4 1.6t 13.7m/min
031148613 BG4 1.6t 18.6m/min
031148602 BG4 2.0t 7.4m/min
031148606 BG4 2.0t 9.3m/min
031148604 BG4 3.2t 7.5m/min
031148801 BG5 4.0t 4.4m/min
031148802 BG5 5.0t 4.4m/min
031148806 BG5 5.0t 15.8m/min

Beta Electric Winches Compact - 3 Phase

Reference Number Model Capacity Speed
031148065 BG1 0.5t 3.5m/min
031148077 BG1 0.5t 8.5m/min
031148254 BG2 0.98t 3.4m/min
031148259 BG2 0.98t 7.4m/min
031148438 BG3 1.6t 3.8m/min
031148441 BG3 1.6t 8.4m/min

Beta Electric Winches Ergo - 3 Phase

Reference Number Model Capacity Speed
031148117 BG1 0.63t 2.8m/min
031148129 BG1 0.63t 6.8m/min
031148297 BG2 1.25t 2.7m/min
031148302 BG2 1.25t 5.8m/min
031148468 BG3 2.0t 3.1m/min
031148471 BG3 2.0t 6.7m/min

Beta Electric Winches BGV C1 (VBG70) - 3 Phase

Reference Number Model Capacity Speed
031148041 P1 0.16t 5.0m/min
031148042 P1 0.16t 9.5m/min
031148043 P1 0.16t 13.6m/min
031148044 P1 0.16t 20.9m/min
031148234 P2 0.4t 4.7m/min
031148235 P2 0.4t 9.4m/min
031148236 P2 0.4t 13.5m/min
031148237 P2 0.4t 18.1m/min
031148421 P3 0.63t 4.5m/min
031148422 P3 0.63t 8.6m/min
031148423 P3 0.63t 14.9m/min
031148519 P3.5 1.2t 6.5m/min
031148520 P3.5 1.2t 10.7m/min
031148629 P4 1.6t 3.7m/min
031148630 P4 1.6t 8.1m/min
031148811 P5 2.0t 4.1m/min
031148813 P5 2.0t 17.7m/min
031148814 P5 2.5t 4.1m/min
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