PFAFF Hand Winches

PFAFF Hand Winches

PFAFF Hnd Winches extensive range of industrially rated hand winches solve lifting problems in most engineering, construction, industrial, marine, hospital, theatre, entertainment and general installations. With over 46 models available, including the lighweight AG for shutters and washing lines, the multi-purpose SG, to the heavy duty WB for theatres, we can supply you with the winch to meet your needs. As well as our standard range, we can supply you with many specials to meet even the most unusual requirements. All our winches are rated on the first rope layer in accordance with DIN standard 15020 Part 1.

Type AG Hand Winches

Reference Number Capacity
030241000 45kg
030241001 100kg

Type SW-W Alpha Hand Winches

Reference Number Capacity
030272006 0.3t
030272005 0.5t
030272002 0.75t
030272001 1.0t

Type SW-W (SG) Hand Winches

Reference Number Capacity
040271008 0.125t
030271001 0.3t
030271136 0.5t
030271019 0.75t

Type SW-WBR (KG) Hand Winches

Reference Number Capacity
030291005 0.3t
030292001 0.5t
030293008 1.0t
030294004 1.5t

Type SW-W SGO (WG) Hand Winches

Reference Number Capacity Option
030251003 0.25t Standard
030252026 0.5t Standard
030253006 1.0t Standard
030253000 1.5t Standard
030254002 2.0t Standard
030255009 3.0t Standard
030256013 5.0t Standard
030251003-2C 0.25t 2-Compartment
030251003-GD 0.25t Grooved Drum
030251003-EP 0.25t Electro-Plated
030251003-CWD 0.25t Chain Wheel Drive
030252026-2C 0.5t 2-Compartment
030252026-3C 0.5t 3-Compartment
030252026-GD 0.5t Grooved Drum
030252026-EP 0.5t Electro-Plated
030252026-CWD 0.5t Chain Wheel Drive
030253006-2C 1.0t 2-Compartment
030253006-3C 1.0t 3-Compartment
030253006-4C 1.0t 4-Compartment
030253006-GD 1.0t Grooved Drum
030253006-EP 1.0t Electro-Plated
030253006-CWD 1.0t Chain Wheel Drive
030253000-GD 1.5t Grooved Drum
030253000-EP 1.5t Electro-Plated
030253000-CWD 1.5t Chain Wheel Drive
030254002-GD 2.0t Grooved Drum
030254002-EP 2.0t Electro-Plated
030254002-CWD 2.0t Chain Wheel Drive
030255009-GD 3.0t Grooved Drum
030255009-EP 3.0t Electro-Plated
030255009-CWD 3.0t Chain Wheel Drive
030256013-GD 5.0t Grooved Drum
030256013-EP 5.0t Electro-Plated
030256013-CWD 5.0t Chain Wheel Drive
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