PFAFF Manual Hoisting Equipment

PFAFF Manual Hoisting Equipment

This endurable "colleague" makes your purchasing decision easy: Using our SILVERLINE hand chain block the lifting and lowering of loads is achieved by pulling the hand chain – whilst the load pressure holds the load securely. As standard our SILVERLINE lifts loads from 500 kg up to 10000 kg and offers the option of larger lifting heights (standard 3 m) and the mounting of a chain container.

Manual Hoisting Equipment Silverline Hand Chain Blocks c/w Plated Chain

Reference Number Capacity Weight Chain Length
040009122-3 0.25t 6kg 3m
030867050-3 0.5t 11kg 3m
030867052-3 1.0t 13kg 3m
030867054-3 1.5t 20kg 3m
030867056-3 2.0t 26kg 3m
030867058-3 3.0t 31kg 3m
030867060-3 5.0t 41kg 3m
030867062-3 10.0t 92kg 3m
040009122-6 0.25t 9kg 6m
030867050-6 0.5t 17kg 6m
030867052-6 1.0t 17kg 6m
030867054-6 1.5t 26.3kg 6m
030867056-6 2.0t 33.5kg 6m
030867058-6 3.0t 40.6kg 6m
030867060-6 5.0t 54.5kg 6m
030867062-6 10.0t 116kg 6m
040009122-9 0.25t 12kg 9m
030867050-9 0.5t 23kg 9m
030867052-9 1.0t 25kg 9m
030867054-9 1.5t 32.6kg 9m
030867056-9 2.0t 41kg 9m
030867058-9 3.0t 50.2kg 9m
030867060-9 5.0t 68kg 9m
030867062-9 10.0t 140kg 9m
040009122-12 0.25t 16kg 12m
030867050-12 0.5t 29kg 12m
030867052-12 1.0t 31kg 12m
030867054-12 1.5t 38.9kg 12m
030867056-12 2.0t 48.5kg 12m
030867058-12 3.0t 59.8kg 12m
030867060-12 5.0t 81.5kg 12m
030867062-12 10.0t 165kg 12m
030867000 Chain Bag (for capacities 0.5 - 2.0t)

Manual Hoisting Equipment Silverline Hand Chain Blocks - Body Only

Reference Number Capacity
040009122 0.25t
030867051 0.5t
030867053 1.0t
030867055 1.5t
030867057 2.0t
030867059 3.0t
030867061 5.0t
030867063 10.0t

Manual Hoisting Equipment Silverline Ratchet Lever Hoists

Reference Number Capacity Weight
040012400 0.3t 2kg
030834052 0.75t 7kg
030834053 1.5t 11kg
030834054 3.0t 21kg
030834055 6.0t 31kg
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